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Feb 18/23
First AI processing system
Acrovid releases the first AI processing system, SuperBitdepth AI, a plugin for adobe Premiere and After Effects featuring bitdepth enhancing and restoring. For more information go to SuperBitdepth AI page.
June 29/23
New name: neoFootage AI
We officially changed the name of our video processing software to neoFootage AI. Acrovid chose to make this change because it better describes the unique and powerful features of the new version. All the registered users of Intertake will keep the license code and free upgrade rights.
Oct 05/17
Intertake  0.7. beta x64 released
New Intertake x64 is released as beta, the public version will be released in next months.
Synchronize videos with external audio recordings Video denoiser ,video filters
neoFootage AI performs standards conversions with optical flow. Frame rate and video dimensions can be converted separately. Convert any source to any other format, for example PAL to NTSC, SD to HD, interlaced to progressive or progressive to interlaced. 8,10 and 16 bit bitdepth up and down conversions.
High quality video transcode and transform with AI powered enhance and upscale All in one easy step
Audio conversion and filtering
Standards conversions frame rate conversions and resample
Pro color correction with SDR/HDR modes Apply effects and 3D LUTs
High quality 32-bit color correction with SDR and HDR display modes. Color correction includes professional filters with real time preview to get perfect quality corrected videos.
Gamma and color space conversion engine supports conversions between more than 100 standard and camera formats. Convert any SDR video to perfect HDR Convert HDR videos to perfect SDR Convert from your camera format to SDR and HDR.
Convert audio sample rate, bits per sample and channels. Remove audio channels and add external audio tracks.
Automatically synchronize videos with external audios with drift correction. Get your videos clean with the fast video denoiser. neoFootage AI includes several video filters to fine tune your videos: levels, film grain, motion blur, remove artifacts, burn-in, video trim,  and more.
Gamma and color space conversions Convert any format to HDR and SDR
Get started with neoFootage AI Basic and advanced tutorials
Supports pro and consumer video formats with HDR10 support
Broad pro industry standards formats support in 8,10 and 16 bit, including DNxHD/HR,  XDCAM or Cineform, and formats like Quicktime or MXF Op- 1a/Op-Atom fully compatible with best NLEs. Consumer formats like AVC/HEVC. Nvidia and Quicksync  AVC and HEVC encoding with HDR10 metadata. Video rewrapping without reencoding.
The pro video processor with video AI enhance Create perfect pro-quality videos ready to edit or distribute
High quality transcoding and complete video transformation and improvement with smart batch processing Supports all industry standard video formats in NTSC and PAL including SD, HD, 4k and 8k, in SDR, HDR and in custom gamma and color space formats from prosumer and pro cameras
Designed for high quality processing and easy configuration, neoFootage AI produces pro-quality videos in SDR and HDR ready to edit or distribute.  
neoFootage AI can handle it all in one simple step: Standards conversions,frame rate conversions and resample AI powered video restoring, enhancing and upscaling. Color correction with 3DLUTs Conversions to HDR and SDR Audio conversions, video denoiser, filters and much more.
neoFootage AI is a stand alone powerful video processor tool, featuring from fast transcoding to complete video transformation and improvement.  
Enhance video bitdepth for 8, 10, and 12 bit videos Remove posterization and banding Convert 8-bit videos to real 10 or 12-bit videos Restore video bitdepth for compressed and low quality videos Fast processing and low GPU memory usage
Effectively creates bitdepth
Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects
Enhance bitdepth for 8/10/12 bit videos Remove posterization and banding Convert 8-bit videos to real 10 or 12-bit videos Restore bitdepth
AI powered bitdepth enhance and posterization/banding removal
Boost your video quality
14 AI models trained for video The AI models are trained with videos to cover enhancing and upscaling high, medium and low quality videos.
Remove video compression artifacts From slight artifacts in high quality videos to halos, ringing, blocking and posterization in low quality videos..
Preserve depth of field Most AI enhancers and upscalers simply sharpen all the image. The AI models are trained to recover the details and preserve the out of focus areas.
Upscale to HD and 4K Convert SD videos, DVD videos, or videos from old cameras to pristine HD or 4K.
SDR and HDR support AI engine supports SDR and HDR processing, with HDR preview. Using the neoFootage conversion features, SDR videos can be upscaled and converted to HDR10.
Color correction The AI enhancing configuration includes color correction with waveforms and histogram, to get perfect fine tuned videos.
SuperBitDepth AI SuperBitDepth AI enhances the bit depth, converts 8-bit videos to pristine 10-bit, and removes banding and posterization.
Create details AI processing actually creates details when enhancing or upscaling the videos, improving the video quality.
Enhance, restore and upscale videos
Upscale to HD,  4K or 8K recovering details. Remove compression artifacts, halos, ringing and blocking. AI models trained for video. Supports high, medium and low quality videos. SuperBitDepth AI for posterization and banding removal.
Enhance, restore and upscale high, medium, and low quality videos
AI powered video enhancing, restoring and upscaling
AI powered video processing features video quality enhancement and upscaling, improving the video quality, recovering video details and removing video compression artifacts.
neoFootage AI features AI 14 models trained for video: Improve and upscale high quality footage. Remove artifacts and upscale medium quality footage. Restore and upscale low quality footage.
Video AI enhance
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