Gamma and color space conversions for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects
Convert video gamma and color space from more than 100 formats and cameras. SDR to HDR and HDR to SDR conversions.
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Pro gamma and color space conversions and SDR/HDR conversions
· Gamma conversions supported formats include : Rec.709, HLG Hybrid log gamma, Rec.2100 ST2084, Panasonic V-log, Sony S-log, Sony S-log2, Sony S-log3, Sony HLG1, Sony HLG2, Sony HLG3, Nikon Log, Canon log, Canon log2, Canon log3, DJI D-log, GoPro Protune, Fujifilm F-log, Blackmagic cameras, Arri LogC, Cineon, Bolex Log, Rec.709(800%), Gamma 2.2/2.4/2.6, ACES cc/cct/proxy, Arri Alexa X-2, Arri Amira, Astrodesign Log, Varicam V-709, Sony  LC-709, Sony Cinegamma, Sony Hypergamma,   DCI Log, RED cameras .
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HDR / SDR conversions
GCconv supports several direct SDR/HDR conversions: SDR to HDR PQ. HDR PQ to SDR PQ to HLG HLG to PQ The conversion can be adjusted using the highlights, midtones, shadows, and exposure  filters.
Fast and easy
Easy configuration. Supports any combination of gamma and color space. Highlights, midtones and shadows adjustment for fine tuning. Exposure correction. Fast processing in 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit float. Supports Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
Gamma conversions Support for 70 cameras and formats
Color space conversions Support for 40 formats and cameras
Color space conversions supported formats include : Rec.709, Rec.601 NTSC, Rec.601 PAL, Rec.2020, Sony S-gamut, Sony S-gamut3, Sony S-gamut3-cine, Panasonic V-gamut, Nikon gamut, Canon cinema gamut, Canon DCI-P3+, Fujifilm F-log gamut, DJI D-gamut, Protune gamut, Blackmagic cameras, Arri Alexa wide gamut, Bolex Wide Gamut, Cinelog-C, RED cameras, ACES.AP0, ACES.AP1, P3-D60, P3-DCI and P3-D65.
Conversions supported between SDR, HLG and HDR in 500, 800, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 nits.
GCconv plugin features high quality conversions between 70 cameras and standard gamma formats. Easy configuration, simply select the gamma out, and activate the conversion. All conversions between the supported formats are allowed. The conversion can be fine tuned with the highlights, midtones, shadows and exposure filters.
GCconv plugin supports high quality conversions between 37 cameras and standard color space formats. As with gamma conversions, simply select the color space out, and activate the conversion. Also, all conversions between the supported formats are allowed.
Essential for a high quality video workflow Convert your camera gamma and color space format to high quality standard formats in SDR or HDR Convert SDR videos to HDR, and HDR videos to SDR Dynamic gamma conversion with exposure, highlights, midtones and shadows correction Match different gamma and color space formats Fast and easy to use
Adjust and improve the conversion
The conversion can be fine tuned to get a pristine quality video. Using the Highlights, Midtones and Shadows filters to adjust and improve the conversion. The exposure can be adjusted and corrected. Using the Highlights and Shadows filters ,the video highlights and shadows can be easily recovered:
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