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Fast GPU processing
Fast GPU processing. Requires a GPU for processing, supports Nvidia, AMD and Intel GPUs. Low GPU memory usage. Included in neoFootage AI. Included in Acrovid AI plugins suite
Enhance and upscale
Fast AI powered video enhance and upscale
Core AI enhance is a fast AI designed for enhancing and upscaling medium and high quality videos. Medium and high quality videos present quality problems like compression artifacts, faded colors due to compression, chroma subsampling artifacts, banding and posterized gradients. These quality problems are noticeable when editing or re-compressing the videos. Core AI enhance renders crisp videos ready to re-compress or  edit, allowing to push effects like color correction harder. Supports consumer encoders like h.264 and h.265 and Pro encoders like ProRes and DNxHR.
Core AI enhance configuration is easy, simply select the enhance mode for consumer or pro formats and the enhance strength. Configurable debanding and temporal processing. Supports SDR and HDR videos.
Remove compression artifacts Increase dynamic range fixing banding and smoothing gradients and shadows. Increase video resolution and upscale the videos creating new details. Convert 8-bit and 10-bit videos to 32-bit Remove chroma 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 subsampling artifacts producing 4:4:4 chroma videos. Restore faded colors due to compression.
HD video enhanced and upscaled to UHD
Enhance and upscale medium and high quality videos Remove compression artifacts and banding Increase video resolution and upscale Remove chroma 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 subsampling artifacts Fix faded compression colors
Fast AI enhance and upscale
Included in neoFootage AI
Video from
User guide
Easy to configure
Enhance removing artifacts and upscale creating new details.
Increase video resolution producing crisp videos
HD 1920x1080 video enhanced without upscaling
Video from
Increase video resolution with or without upscaling, creating new details and rendering crisp videos
Increase dynamic range and restore faded compression colors
HD video with banding and compression artifacts removed
Video from
Increase dynamic range removing banding and smoothing gradients, restore faded colors due to compression
Remove compression and motion artifacts
HD video with compression and motion artifacts removed
Video from
Core AI enhance removes compression and motion artifacts
Remove chroma subsampling artifacts
HD video with chroma subsampling and compression artifacts fixed
Chroma 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 subsampling creates visible artifacts, Core AI enhance renders 4:4:4 chroma videos.
Video from
HD 1280x720 video enhanced and upscaled
Video from
HD 1280x720 video upscaled with increased dynamic range, smoothing gradients and removed compression artifacts
Video from
Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and OFX hosts
Convert 8-bit and 10-bit videos to 32-bit
Core AI enhance converts 8-bit and 10-bit videos to 32-bit effectively creating dynamic range and removing compression banding.
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