The license is permanent, we offer a free upgrade policy for all minor versions, and also for mayor versions within one year after purchasing, if after the free upgrade period, the customer decide not to purchase extended upgrades , the customer can continue using the purchased software version forever. A minor version is a version adding features, extending compatibility or fixing software problems, these versions will change the second value in version number, for instance if you purchase 1.2 version you will get free upgrades to all 1.x versions. When adding mayor features to the software a mayor version will be released, you can get a free upgrade if the mayor version is released within one year after purchsing, competitive upgrades will be offered for existing customers. Refund policy: in the downloads page there is available a full featured trial version with no functional limitations to help the users test the software and make an informed purchase decision. All sales are final, the purchase price of an order will not be refunded once a Software License has been sent to the customer, either by email, website, activation key, or any other means, for an order. However, if after purchasing the software present an important technical problem that does not allow to use it normally, please email us to within 15 days of purchasing, we will try to solve it and we will ask the user about the computer system and may send the user a special software version to test the problem, if after 15 days the problem is not solved the software will be refunded. The technical problem must be related to our software internal processing, and does not include third party problems like videos not imported by other software, wrong or buggy Windows drivers, wrong Windows configurations, Antivirus or Firewall related problems, etc.
Free upgrades to all 1.x versions. Free upgrades to any version including mayor versions within 1 year after purchasing. If you download a new upgrade and your license does not work, just email sales requesting a new one.
 For any question related to purchasing or license problems please email to
After purchasing, you will immediately receive an email with your product license code. To register the software please enter your license code by pressing the button “Enter License Code” on the first software dialog. For any question related to purchasing or license problems please email to
Activation after purchasing
All payments are processed by our reseller Avangate. Avangate provides since 2005 a secure and reliable platform for selling software products online. The whole ordering process is supported by Avangate, who handles all transactions details and send your license code inmediately after purchasing. Your private data is 100% safe, as Avangate complies with the latest online security standards. Avangate offers several payment methods including : After clicking the buy now button you will enter in the Avangate secure payment site.
FootageStudio x64 for Windows
$199 Introductory price 35% off US$129
Special introductory 35% discount! valid until February, 28 ,2018
NOTE: Prices valid for electronic delivery, do not include applicable taxes.
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We are accepting payments in several cryptocurrencies, the most common are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin or Ripple, but if you want to pay in another cryptocurrency just email us to check it. For now, we are accepting a lot of different cryptocurrencies, and we are processing the orders manually to provide the best service to our customers. For purchasing FootageStudio using a cryptocurrency, please: 1- Email to , tell us what cryptocurrency you want to use for the payment, and include your wallet address, this is, the wallet address from where you will send the payment. 2- We will email you the Acrovid secure SSL web page with our wallet address, if the cryptocurrency supports it, we will send a payment request to your address. 3- Send the payment to our wallet address and after we check that the payment is received from your wallet address, you will receive your license code inmediately by email. Please note we never send our wallet address by email to receive payments, our wallet address always must be copied from the Acrovid secure SSL web page. The purchasing terms are the same as regular orders, you will have free upgrade rights for all 1.x versions and for any version released within 1 year after purchasing. For any question about cryptocurrenies email us to
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